Getting started

Create a “suites” directory and add a suite module :

# suites/

import lemoncheesecake.api as lcc
from lemoncheesecake.matching import *

def my_test():
    check_that("value", "foo", equal_to("foo"))

Then, run the tests :

$ lcc run
================================== my_suite ===================================
 OK  1 # my_suite.my_test

Statistics :
 * Duration: 0.034s
 * Tests: 1
 * Successes: 1 (100%)
 * Failures: 0

The generated HTML report is available in the file report/report.html.

The report can also be viewed directly on the terminal:

$ lcc report
PASSED: My test
|          | My test                           | 0.001s    |
| CHECK OK | Expect value to be equal to "foo" | Got "foo" |

lcc run provides plenty of options on test filtering, test execution and reporting. All the details about this command can be found here.


About imports:

  • lemoncheesecake.api is imported as a module aliased to lcc and contains the complete lemoncheesecake API needed to write tests

  • lemoncheesecake.matching is imported using a wildcard import to make matching operations more pleasant to read:

    # this, is more easier to read:
    check_that("value", 1, is_integer(greater_than(0)))
    # than that:
    lcc.check_that("value", 1, lcc.is_integer(lcc.greater_than(0)))