Deprecations may come over new releases. In that case, backward-compatibility will be maintained (at least) until the next major release, example: something deprecated in version 1.2.0 will continue to work in all 1.x versions coming afterward until version 2.0.0.

Deprecated in 1.7.0

  • the LCC_PROJECT_FILE environment variable has been deprecated/renamed in favor of LCC_PROJECT

Deprecated in 1.5.0

  • the lcc bootstrap command is deprecated now that the file is optional

Deprecated in 1.4.5

  • the detached_step context manager (whose purpose is to create steps in new threads) has been deprecated; the set_step function can now be used in any context (main thread or new threads)

  • the detached argument of the set_step is now deprecated

  • the at_each_event option of lcc run --save-report has been deprecated/renamed in favor of at_each_log

Deprecated in 1.1.0

  • the MatchDescriptionTransformer class has been deprecated/renamed in favor of MatcherDescriptionTransformer